Whale’s Belly Restaurant & Bar

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What makes the restaurant great

Inspired by the fairytale story of “The Adventure of Pinocchio”, an imaginative interior design that reflects the whale’s ribcage in the Pinocchio story is the perfect setting for the culinary adventure of true creativity and palate-pleasing delights that is the hallmark of Whale’s Belly Restaurant & Bar.

Why go

Whale’s Belly is European restaurant. The selections of fresh produce from the sea are offered in courses, while more earthy choices are also available. The technique and presentation is mostly modernist French & Italian, with a slight influence from global cuisine. Our executive chef, Chef Mai, used to join in the best French restaurant in Thailand & many 3 star michelin chefs so no more to say about how perfect his food are.

Seafood lovers will love Whale’s Belly for obvious reasons, but if you’d rather go by land, it reserves the best quality spots for you too. This fine-dining venue is perfect for anyone who loves to eat excellent food with atmospheric pleasure and impressionable fine-dining experience.


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