The Houben Hotel

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Why choose this hotel?

The hotel overlooks a striking panoramic view of the Andaman Sea, just few steps to Kantieng Bay the best hideaway sandy beach on Lanta island.

People often wonder what a boutique hotel actually is , the answer is quite complex.Our concept combines modern style boutique living with a touch of Thai, creating a simply irresistible experience. Our design is thoughtful, minimalist, relaxing, inspiring and yet eco-friendly.

The Houben Hotel,Koh Lanta Thailand  is the ideal place to escape from city life and for anyone who loves to pamper themselves in a small boutique hotel,koh Lanta Thailand surrounded by a natural environment. 

The Houben Hotel,Koh Lanta Thailand  is where comfort meets style, where the sun dives into the tranquil horizon; where your vacation feels like home.


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