Seafood Terrace

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What makes the restaurant great

The main concept of the restaurant is to blend in the resort’s atmosphere, style and unique. The name of “Seafood Terrace” is already reflecting it nature of the restaurant on the island in the middle of the sea. The guests will receive a warm welcome from the staff and the surrounding nature, sea breeze, sandy beach, and the sound of the waves will lull you into a state of total relaxation while dining. The foods that we serve at the restaurant is delivery daily from the local fishermen in order to assure total freshness and quality, of our sea food.
Our Internationally trained chef prepares a selection of dishes in different styles with both local and imported ingredients. Every dish is meticulously prepared and plated with great attention to detail in order to enhance both the visual and taste experience of our guests.

Why go

The resort provides the best seafood you can find on the island with the various cooking and seasoning styles.


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