Rang Mahal

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What makes the restaurant great

This truly exceptional Indian restaurant offers exquisite cuisine in an elegant sophisticated setting. Live music, candle light reflecting the warm ambiance of the room, mixed with the luscious colors of India make this a unique experience of fine dining. Rang Mahal’s enchanting main dining room is festive and perfect for a large group and socializing. There are also quiet corners and a slightly separate room for soft conversation or a bit of romance. You will find a sophisticated crowd of Thai, Indian and Western patrons enjoying the Rang Mahal experience. Rang Mahal, the term epitomizes the grandeur and lavish lifestyle of the Indian Maharajas. Traditionally, Rang Mahal was the pleasure house and banqueting room specially decorated by Indian Kings with intricate mirror work and the choicest paintings. The general décor was also interspersed with intricate ‘Zharonkas or ‘ or windows. The Kings used to come down to Rang Mahal to wear off their royal worries, where the best Indian cuisines, wines, and music were provided.

Why go

The dimly lit Rang Mahal is spacious yet offers intimate spaces. Indian decorations create a sense of understand romance.


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