Mrs Balbir’s Indian Restaurant

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What makes the restaurant great

Mrs. Balbir’s Indian Restaurant have been around since 1975, the famous taste that brought satisfaction to many has been featured on The BBC, The New York Times, and The Lonely Planet to name a few.

Why go

Mrs. Balbir’s Indian Restaurant may have been around since 1975, but has never really resorted to advertising. In fact, word of mouth is their only virtue. The restaurant located in downtown Sukhumvit boasts a contemporary meets Indian ambience. Big glass vases filled with fresh chili, high ceilings and shiny cutlery may help to lure in passer bys, but the 5,000 regular customers swear that their only loyalty, is taste.

The owner is Vinder. Vinder is a lot of things but takes the most pride in being a world renounced international chef. Her passion for cooking and commitment to taste perfection has translated into immense success. From humble beginnings and a very first store over thirty years ago, the young Malaysian immigrant knew that she loved food, and wanted to share its magic with others. “Food heals people. It brings friends together…“I have a gift for creativity and a passion for Indian food” she says. The restaurant parallels the energy of Vinder – passionate, full of zest and very creative.

Vinder attributes her tough past to making her the grounded individual she is today and believes that her new age lifestyle of being a vegetarian, doing yoga and meditating is a strong fuel behind her continuous creative streak. “The new recipes and dishes keep coming to me!” she claims. The Mrs. Balbir’s brand definitely has a unique and impressive resume.


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