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What makes the restaurant great

Masala Art offers an extensive and tantalizing array of the finest of Indian cuisine. The menu is a palette of well presented dishes which have a fusion of spices and herbs. Its glass fronted kitchen gives patrons the opportunity to see how our chefs conjure up their magic. Whether you are here for a gourmet feast or just a snack you will not be disappointed. Masala Art is a gourmet experience offering authenticity of taste that elevates one’s awareness of the delicate balance of flavors and textures.

Why go

A refreshing concept – one that breaks away from the Moghul mould – is what you can expect from Masala Art. The restaurant, boasts a refreshing splash of colour – burnt orange upholstered sofas combined with green and beige seats, alongside elegant tabletops. Oak coloured walls blended with gold mirror grounding and modern artifacts give you a cozy, warm and welcoming environment. The fine dining restaurant boasts an extensive wine list, one that will definitely please the wine connoisseur

Masala Art serves authentic dishes from North India, perfected over the years by Indian Master Chefs. Food is presented in a unique and appealing style, which positions the restaurant away from the ordinary, through focus on signature dishes. At Masala Art, we, endeavour to recreate a love affair with North Indian cuisine. The tastes are familiar yet daringly different.

Although our recipes are steeped in flavours of traditional Indian cooking spices – we are ready to step outside the known and capture the essence of the new, by creating exciting dishes that embody the flair of a continual vibrant fascination. This contemporary paradigm shift sets our food apart.


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