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Why choose this hotel?

iuDia is a tasteful, comfortable and well-equipped serviced accommodation located among the ancient ruins of the great Siamese kingdom of Ayutthaya.

When you stay at iuDia’s bed and breakfast, you actually face the 715 acres Ayutthaya World Heritage Park. The house offers tasteful residential facilities including river view suites, standard and deluxe guest rooms with a splendid view of the heritage ruins, an espresso café, intimate Siamese courtyards and a swimming pool. At iuDia you can transport yourself back in time and soak up the peace and quiet of old Siam.

In 1992, Ayutthaya’s ancient ruins were declared a UNESCO World Heritage site and conservation work was undertaken to restore the ancient architecture of the temples. During its heyday Ayutthaya was one of the greatest and richest cities in Asia, envied not only by the Burmese but the Europeans as well.

From Ayutthaya, the kings of the powerful Siamese empire ruled over a vast territory that extended from the borders of Burma, Laos and Cambodia in the north down to the Malay Peninsula in the south.


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